COJAFEX offers a range of induction bending machines covering the requirements of all major industries. In addition to the traditional single bend machine Cojafex offers a range of spool bending machines that allow you to make spools, i.e. multiple bends in different planes in one pipe.

The smaller COJAFEX models can be executed with an integrated automatic pipe loading system.

Induction Pipe Bending Machine PB400R
Cojafex Induction Bending Machine PB1200R

Dimensions COJAFEX induction (spool) bending machine in inches:

Range of pipe diameters 2 - 64   "
Range of wall thickness 0.2 - 4   "
Range of radius 3 - 400   "

Dimensions COJAFEX induction (spool) bending machine in mm:

Range of pipe diameters 50 - 1650   mm
Range of wall thickness 5 - 125   mm
Range of radius 75 - 10000   mm

Bends from 1.5 D (LR elbow) to the machine limit.
Angles from 0 to 180° degrees.

The COJAFEX structural bender covers in inches
Range shapes   6   up to   26    "
Range pipes   6   up to   24    "
Range of radius 60   up to 390    "
The Cojafex structural bender covers in mm
Range shapes   150   up to    660    mm
Range pipes   150   up to    610    mm
Range of radius 1500   up to 10000    mm

Bends Square and Rectangular tube, W-beams, S-beams, Pipe etc.
Angles from  0 to 180 degrees

Please do not hesitate to share your requirements and demands with us. Our extensive experience and our engineering capabilities are at your service for tailoring the equipment to suit your needs or design special solutions to meet your challenges.