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The PB Special 16” spool bending machine is designed to bend 1,5D and larger pipe spools using induction heating and manipulate pipes in between bends in an automated way.



  • High production rate
  • Ability to meet short delivery times
  • Automatically load pipe into the machine
  • Manipulate pipes in between bends by positioning and rotating the pipe
  • Simplified unloading of the pipe and protection of the inductor without the need for any additional equipment
Cojafex induction pipe bending machine PB Special

The equipment has following features

  • Back End Loading beam for quick and safe loading of the pipe into the machine
  • Electro-mechanical pusher to accurately move and position the pipe
  • 3D adjustable transformer platform to position the inductor
  • Radius adjustment mechanism
  • Bend roll to support the pipe during bending
  • Side roll to support the pipe during bending
  • Lift rolls to support the pipe during manipulation
  • Quench water adjustment system, including additional nozzles
  • Pusher clamp to hold the pipe
  • Rotating device to rotate pipes during manipulation
  • Bending arm with COJAFEX vertical clamping that holds the pipe during bending
  • Induction heating installation to heat the pipe for bending

The machine settings can easily be determined with the help of the Cojafex Estimating Package. This package can also be used to estimate the expected bending times and cost price for the bending operation.

The machine can either be programmed with the help of the user friendly Cojafex Operator Interface or by uploading jobs from the Cojafex Estimating Package After programming, the bending process will proceed in a highly automated fashion.


Following automatic procedures are integrated into the equipment

  • Automatic bending speed control
  • Automatic radius adjustment
  • Automatic control of main bending temperature
  • Automatic bend-roll positioning
  • Automatic supporting roll positioning system
  • Automatic side-roll positioning system
  • Automatic control of lateral forces
  • Automated procedure to start the bending process
  • Automated procedure to finish the bending process
  • Automatic manipulation of pipe in between bends
  • Automatic data recording, storage and reporting
  • Safety interlocks

This machine will be refurbished and upgraded to the latest COJAFEX standards.