High quality bends

  • Highly accurate bending angle and radius.
  • Bends 1.5 DN and up in accordance with ASME B31, B16.49 and ISO 15590-1.
  • Low wall thinning and ovality.
  • Smooth transitions from the straight pipe to the bend.
  • Precise setting of  bending conditions in conformance with ASME requirements.
  • Extensive documentation in the form of reports and charts.
  • Bends often do not require heattreatment.
  • Bends can be supplied with tangents, reducing the number of welds in the final system.

Cojafex Induction Pipe Bending | Controlled Thinning
Cojafex Induction Pipe Bending machine

Proven technology

  • The COJAFEX induction bending process is recognized by international quality assurance companies.
  • Special inductor design for optimal heating patterns.
  • Special quench ring designs for optimal cooling patterns.
  • Special "COJAFEX start/stop" procedures.
  • Automated bending cycle.
  • Accurate temperature control.
  • Flexible link to minimize ovalisation.
  • Vertical clamping system for accurate clamping.
  • Rapid clamping and unclamping.
  • Low center line for safe handling of the pipe.
  • Easy and safe top loading with overhead crane.
  • Use of high quality, globally available, components .
  • COJAFEX equipment is built to last.

Spool bending

All COJAFEX models can be supplied in a spool bending execution. This execution offers following advantages:

  • Spool bending allows automatic production of a 3D pipe spool with up to 10 bends.
  • Significant saving on welds and weld inspection.
  • Spools can be produced quickly, accurately and economically.
  • Increased production rates  of single bends.

 Structural bending

CB&I Cojafex B.V. also offers structural bending machines for bending structural steels like wide flange beams, standard beams, square tubing, rectangular tubing and pipes. These structural benders are executed with the same advanced technology as the induction pipe benders in the COJAFEX program.

Cojafex Induction Bending Machine PB200R
Cojafex Induction Bending | Operator Interface

Easy operation and maintenance

  • High degree of automation.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy and quick access to production reports, both actual and historical.
  • Clear display of all  process data.
  • Electronic record keeping of jobs, process data and process graphs.
  • Detailed, on board documentation (pdf).
  • Performance software to monitor detailed machine operation.
  • COJAFEX induction pipe bending machines are built to last with a minimum of maintenance.


  • COJAFEX engineers are available for consultation through e-mail and phone.
  • Every COJAFEX induction bender can be equipped with a remote assistance option.

Cojafex Induction Bending | Operator Interface