Cojafex is the foremost specialist in induction pipe bending equipment. The company is a subsidiary of McDermott, and has its offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Cojafex  entered the induction pipe bending market in the ’60 of the last century with the introduction of induction bending to Western Europe. The company installed their first induction bending machine at Wester Pijpleidingen in The Netherlands, soon to be followed by numerous machines. First in Europe, then rapidly expanding into the US and India and now spanning the world.

Induction bends proved to fill a need in the market and Cojafex  quickly establish themselves as a reputable supplier.

An excellent understanding of market needs and demands, combined with a keen eye for technical and technological development and a highly specialised and dedicated team, helped Cojafex to become what it is today, the world’s leading producer of induction bending equipment.

The continuing emphasis on innovation and quality has led to advanced bending technology and state of the art equipment, making Cojafex the preferred supplier for major players in the energy related markets.

All throughout its existence Cojafex  has maintained excellent relations with its customers by offering first class after market services and timely innovation, renovation and modernization services.

Today, the company offers a complete line of induction pipe benders capable of bending pipes with diameters ranging from 2” (50 mm) to 64” (1650 mm) of pipe, walls exceeding 4” (100 mm) and radii ranging from 1.5 DN to more than 40 feet ( 15 m).

This range is covered by 12 standard models, all of which can be tailored to suit particular customer requirements.

The clean induction process is the "de facto" standard for the manufacture of bends for pipe lines and power piping . It has also proven to be highly successful for smaller pipe sizes where the ability to make spool pieces offers significant savings on welds and the associated inspection costs.