An Induction Pipe Bending Machine for every budget

Cojafex has a full line of machines for every budget. From straight forward pipe-line bending machines to highly automated spool bending machines for the nuclear industry.

Cojafex distinguishes itself by the highest level of automation in the market and the operator guidance system. This makes the machines easy to run and to maintain. Get in touch with Cojafex if you would like to add induction bending to your capabilities. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities.


50+ Years of Designing & Manufacturing Induction Pipe Bending Machines

Cojafex is the foremost specialist in induction pipe bending machines. The company has its offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Cojafex introduced the concept of induction pipe bending in Western Europe in the ’60 of the last century. The first European induction pipe bending machine ever was installed at Wester Pijpleidingen in The Netherlands in 1967, soon to be followed by numerous other machines, first in Europe, then rapidly expanding into the rest of the world.

Today, Cojafex induction pipe bending machines are producing top quality bends on all continents.

A highly specialised and dedicated team with a keen eye for technical and technological development and with an excellent understanding of market needs and demands made Cojafex what it is today, the world’s leading induction pipe bending machines manufacturer.

Our Focus

Continuous innovation and a great emphasis on quality have led to the most advanced bending technology in the world. The state of the art equipment produced by Cojafex, makes us the preferred supplier for all major players in the energy related markets.

Cojafex offers a complete line of highly automated induction pipe bending machines capable of bending pipes with diameters ranging from 2” (25 mm) to 64” (1650 mm) of pipe, walls exceeding 4” (100 mm) and radii ranging from 1.5 DN to more than 350 feet. Next to induction bending machines, Cojafex offers additional services related to induction bending machines.

The standard range is covered by 12 Cojafex-models, all of which can be tailored to suit particular customer requirements.

Many models can be supplied as spool bending machines. Spool bending greatly reduces the amount of welds in a pipe system and significantly increases production rates. Enhancements like automatic pipe loading systems also increase production rates and greatly facilitate pipe handling.

All machines can be executed with special Cojafex enhancements like a Tangent Heating System, a Wall Thinning Reduction System or a Ovality Reduction System.

Cojafex induction pipe bending machines have produced millions of high quality bends that found their way into power stations, pipe lines, refineries, off shore installations, etc.

Cojafex Inductors
Cojafex flexible induction bending machine


Cojafex also produces flexible induction bending machines for structural shapes like W-Beams, S-Beams, H-Beams, I-Beams, Square tubing. etc. These can be bent with unparalled radius and angle accuracy, even at large radii!

Cojafex maintains excellent relations with its customers by offering first class after market services and timely innovation, renovation and modernization services